IMAX Home Device UI/UX

The core role I held in this project was to create an experience and UI design that respresented the IMAX Theatre experience at home for ultra high net worth individuals in the middle east and asia. Alongside the engineers, and with some initial consulting with an external design team, the result was an elegant, yet … Read More »

IMAX Home Website & Timeline

A standard website meant to showcase the product & its features, as well as show the IMAX history.

Disney – Responsive Design

Disney has its set styles, definitions, and elements, but they don’t always have time to stay updated in some of the latest web needs for their smaller brand names. My role was to work with developers to update and resdesign these sites to fit on multiple screens. Several UX changes were made to weddings & adventures by … Read More »

JustWink Greeting Cards

32 cards, I can’t show them all. Justwink is a GENY brand by American Greetings that’s clever, sophisticated, and for anyone with a quick wit and odd sense of humor. Hand drawn to digital illustrations. Fun fact: My first card was the season’s greetings card, I wrote it & it was made into a real … Read More »

Justwink Mobile & Web

Web design, Mobile UI, reocurring monthly updates to various platform stores, marketing pieces, and mobile innovation.

Videos – Various Brands & Projects

Just a couple samples of some fun motion projects and special effects. Majority were done for American Greetings brands to showcase mobile products, UI, and interactions.